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Create your own CD+G Karaoke Disc

Make Your Own Kind Of MusicPaloma Faith
Blue Suede ShoesElvis Presley
Sweet CarolineNeil Diamond
PerfectEd Sheeran
Islands In The StreamDolly Parton & Kenny Rogers
I Want To Break FreeQueen
Hello AgainNeil Diamond
Crazy Little Thing Called LoveQueen
Bridge Over Troubled WaterSimon & Garfunkel

Download Karaoke MP3+G music

Let There Be LoveNat King Cole
So Am IAva Max
Walk Don't Look BackPeter Tosh
I Just Called To Say I Love YouStevie Wonder
Just Don't Wanna Be LonelyFreddie Mcgregor
Three Little BirdsBob Marley & The Wailers
I Just Can't Help BelievingElvis Presley

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Making karaoke cool since 2001

For nearly 20 years, Sing to the World has produced karaoke backing tracks of the highest quality. Our tracks are available as MP3+G Downloads, CD+G Albums, DVDs, or you can create your own personalised CD+G. Stream online on your phone with Karaoke.co.uk. Sing along with your favourite karaoke brands; whether that perfect sound comes from Sing to the World, or Zoom.

What are you waiting for? Grab a mic and start singing!

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