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Mystery Karaoke Party Pack


Thinking of hosting a karaoke party? Or looking to expand your karaoke song collection? For a limited time get our ultimate mystery karaoke party kit, containing atleast 540 karaoke songs. 

Ready to play in your CD+G karaoke machine, there are karaoke songs for all the whole family to sing-along to.

All tracks have been carefully re-recorded with the lead vocals removed, and in the original key of the song.

Available while stocks last.


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Mystery Karaoke party pack

Our mystery pack bundle could contain some of the following packs or many others we have sold over the past but we gurantee atleast 540 massive chart hits and sing-along classics from Sing to the World. Each pack will be unique so you will not recieve duplicate packs in your order.

Some of the packs that could be included are shown below:

The best karaoke discs

Sing to the World produce the best karaoke songs in the UK. We provide professionally recorded karaoke backing tracks, with lyrics displayed on your TV. Our music is the best in the business, we guarantee you'll love our songs.

Karaoke, any way you want it. Choose karaoke box sets, personalised karaoke CDs, MP3+G downloads or on demand karaoke streaming.

Karaoke FAQs

Formats for karaoke machines

CD+G (CD plus graphics) is the standard format for most karaoke machines. This format can be used to play karaoke songs with lyrics displayed on a screen in any home or professional CDG karaoke machine or player.

If you don't want the lyrics on-screen, and are looking for audio only backing tracks, a CDG disc can be played in any standard CD player.

CDG discs will not play on your computer or laptop, you will need to convert the files into a different format, or check out our MP3+G karaoke downloads.

MP3+G or MP3G is the standard file format that allows karaoke songs to be played on a computer with compatible software. It consists of 2 files, the MP3 audio file and the CDG Graphics file. The combination of the two will show the on-screen lyric video synchronised with the music.

Do the lyrics show on screen?

Lyrics will only appear on screen when played with a CD+G compatible karaoke player or karaoke machine.

Are karaoke songs by the original artist?

Karaoke music may not sound exactly like the original version, these are high quality remakes of the song and not the original recordings. We work with professional musicians and singers to re-create the song as close to the original as possible.


Free standard delivery for all UK orders over £30. We try our best to dispatch all orders same day (if ordered by 3pm). 

Please note: due to the Royal Mail strike, there may be delays in receiving your order. See here for Christmas delivery dates.

Personalised gift for karaoke fans

Give a unique gift to the karaoke nut in your life with a custom made karaoke CD. Create your own playlist, and choose from thousands of quality backing tracks. Each disc comes in a jewel case with the track list, and a title printed on the CD.


Custom Disc

More from Sing to the World

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