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Professional karaoke software for venues

Attract more customers and increase revenue with an automated, commercial karaoke system with built-in background music and display adverts.


Meet the next generation
karaoke machine

A browser based, self-managed karaoke solution for pubs and bars. No need for old karaoke machines, the solution runs on your laptop using existing equipment.

Karaoke for Venues

How does karaoke venues work?

Attract more customers to your venue and increase your sales
with the UK’s No. 1 Karaoke streaming service.


Set up system

Sign on your laptop or computer and connect your screens and audio system


Host karaoke

Start a session anytime, singers can add songs to the queue using their phones


Increase revenue

Focus on managing your venue while the entertainment manages itself.

Huge list of songs

We’ve got all the songs your customers love from the UK’s best quality karaoke song brands. The latest, and the classics.

No awkward silences

Background music that plays automatically between singers so there’s never a quiet moment to ruin the mood

Take control of your venue

The entertainment takes care of itself, leaving you free to take care of what’s important.

No apps for you or your customers

Simply login to the website through a web browser. No need to download an app, and no more physical song books and request slips.

On-screen promotions and advertisements

Promote your offers as well as events by showing ads to your customers between songs.

Fully Licenced

We work with PRS for Music, who ensure that the writers, artists, and publishers receive copyright royalties for all the songs we use.

Try karaoke in your venue for free

Karaoke for Venues can be run with a monthly subscription, or for less frequent sessions a pay as you go option is available. Sign up today and receive £50 worth of free pay as you go song credits to try it out.

Visit Karaoke Venues

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