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Create your own karaoke song

Write your own lyrics and give an unforgettable karaoke gift

How to make custom karaoke songs

Give a unique gift at any birthday, wedding, Christmas party. Impress friends and family with your amazing song writing skills and get your lyrics on screen, ready for the whole party to sing-along to.

Write your own lyrics to any song in our database, and we’ll synchronise the words with the music for you.

You can also choose your own colours, and we can change the title card to show the name of your new song.

Video karaoke with lyrics

After we’ve synced your bespoke lyrics, you can either download the song as MP3+G, or as a video file.

We’ll also send you the song burnt to disc, in CD+G format ready for playing on a karaoke machine. The disc comes in a jewel case, with your new song title printed onto the front of the CD, and on the back sleeve of the case.

Start creating your karaoke song

Make your custom karaoke track in 3 steps


Find your song

Browse our track catalogue and find the song you want to customise.


Write your lyrics

Time to get creative. Jot your lyrics down somewhere, ideally in digital format.


Buy the lyrics service

Purchase the custom lyrics service below, and we’ll get in touch with you via email.

Custom lyrics service


  • Your own lyrics on screen with music
  • Choose your own colours
  • Receive a download, and a personalised disc

We’ll contact you after purchase to discuss the details.

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Customised karaoke songs FAQs

How much does a karaoke song with custom lyrics cost?

We charge a flat fee of £49.99 per track. The price includes: the song, the lyrics synchronised with the music by our team, your choice of colours, a customised title card, a download in either MP3+G or video, and a CD+G or DVD in a jewel case with printed disc and back sleeve.

Can I change the colours that the lyrics are displayed in?

Yes, you can choose your own colours for the lyrics to be displayed in. You can choose any colour, but we will recommend changes to ensure the text remains readable.

What format are the customised lyrics provided in?

The standard format will be a MP3+G download and CD+G disc. However, we can provide the song in a video format, or on a DVD disc. We can convert to most formats, so please get in touch to find out.

Can I have a karaoke song made?

If you can’t find a song in our database, we can have the song made for you for a fee. Please get in touch with us to discuss.

How long does it take to make a customised karaoke song?

Once all the details are confirmed we’ll get to work customising your song. Depending on the length or complexity of the song, it could take up to 5 working days for us to finish the track and test it. When the song is complete, the download will be available to you straight away, the disc will be shipped first class and could take 2-3 days to reach you.

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