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Create your own personalised karaoke CD

The perfect gift for any karaoke fan

Choose your favourites from our huge catalogue of songs and build your own CD. We have all the classics and some of the best new tunes to kickstart your home karaoke party, whether your looking for professional backing tracks, or sing-along family fun.

Search karaoke songs
Sweet CarolineNeil Diamond
PerfectEd Sheeran
Is This The Way To AmarilloTony Christie
Mamma MiaAbba
Love On The RocksNeil Diamond
Chasing CarsSnow Patrol
Merry Christmas EveryoneShakin' Stevens
Don't Go Breaking My HeartElton John & Kiki Dee
Look What I FoundLady Gaga
The FutureBillie Eilish
CardiganTaylor Swift
War Baby [Live Version]Tom Robinson
Harleys In HawaiiKaty Perry
Half Heaven Half HeartacheGene Pitney
Skankin' SweetChronixx
The Next Right ThingFrozen 2

How to make your own
Personalised Karaoke Disc

Create your own personalised karaoke CD+G disc. Choose from thousands of songs made by the UK’s top karaoke brands; Sing to the World, and Zoom Karaoke.

How to create a disc:

  1. Add your first song and give your disc a title
  2. Choose all of your favourite songs
  3. Add as many as you like*
  4. Add your disc to the basket and pay
  5. Receive your personalised disc in the post

Our custom discs are available in CD+G format, with the lyrics appearing on a screen when played on a CD+G compatible karaoke machine.

Alternatively, these songs are downloadable in MP3+G format.

Each disc comes in a jewel case with your title and track listing printed onto the front of the CD and on the back sleeve of the case.

Please be aware some tracks may contain explicit lyrics.
* We will automatically split your songs across multiple discs.

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What does CD+G mean?

CD+G or CDG stands for Compact Disc + Graphics and is the standard format for karaoke CDs. These discs will show lyrics on a screen syncronised with the music when played on a karaoke machine that supports CD+G. The music can also be played in a normal CD player without the lyrics showing on a screen.

Karaoke music may not sound exactly like the original version because the song has been re-recorded without the lead vocals. We try to match the sound as best we can using the very best musicians and singers. We list a track with an artists name to help identify different versions of the same song.

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