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    Custom Disc

    Personalised Karaoke Disc

    Create your own personalised karaoke CD+G disc. Choose from thousands of tracks made by the UK’s top karaoke brands; Sing to the World, Sunfly, Zoom Karaoke, and Track Factory.

    How to create a disc:

    1. Add your first song and give your disc a title
    2. Choose all of your favourite songs
    3. Add your disc to the basket and pay
    4. Receive your personalised disc in the post

    Our custom discs are available in CD+G format, with the lyrics appearing on a screen when played on a CD+G compatible karaoke machine.

    Alternatively, you can Download Karaoke songs in MP3+G format.

    Each custom disc comes with your title and track listing printed onto the front of the CD and on the back sleeve of the case.

    Please be aware some tracks may contain explicit lyrics.

    £2 per track

    6 tracks minimum
    per disc.

    FREE UK Delivery on orders over £20

    New Releases
    AlibiBradley Cooper
    GoodbyeJason Derulo & David Guetta feat Nicki Minaj & Willy William
    Maybe It's TimeBradley Cooper
    Why Did You Do ThatLady Gaga
    Hair Body FaceLady Gaga
    Before I CryLady Gaga
    ShotgunGeorge Ezra
    A Million DreamsThe Greatest Showman
    This Is MeThe Greatest Showman
    Sweet CarolineNeil Diamond
    This Is MeKeala Settle (The Greatest Showman)
    The Greatest ShowThe Greatest Showman
    Most Popular
    AngelsRobbie Williams
    Chasing CarsSnow Patrol
    My WayFrank Sinatra
    Sweet CarolineNeil Diamond
    Is This The Way To AmarilloTony Christie
    Your SongElton John
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