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Custom Karaoke CDGs - This unique ‘Custom Disc’ facility allows you to create your own karaoke CD disc by choosing your own tracks from a huge database. You can put them in any order you like and add a personalised title.

Custom Discs are available in CDG format and tracks cost only £2.00 each. Once you've created your disc, just sit back and wait for us to send it to you. Custom Disc CDG's are sent by first class mail and usually arrive within 1 - 2 working days in the United Kingdom.

Please be aware that some tracks may contain offensive language

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ClipTrack NameArtistTrack IDLengthM'facturerSTTW Pack
Play ClipAin't No SunshineEva Cassidy66783:39STTW compilation_icon.gif 
Play ClipAin't No SunshineEva CassidyZM008953:34Zoom  
Play ClipAmerican TuneEva CassidyZM016174:11Zoom  
Play ClipAnniversary SongEva Cassidy70223:06STTW  
Play ClipAt LastEva CassidyZM009003:06Zoom  
Play ClipAutumn LeavesEva Cassidy57654:55STTW compilation_icon.gif 
Play ClipAutumn LeavesEva CassidyZM008984:27Zoom  
Play ClipBridge Over Troubled WaterEva CassidyZM008975:22Zoom  
Play ClipCheek To CheekEva CassidyZM002724:12Zoom  
Play ClipDanny BoyEva CassidyZM008903:52Zoom  
Play ClipDark Eyed MollyEva CassidyZM016163:34Zoom  
Play ClipDrowning In The Sea Of LoveEva CassidyZM016114:27Zoom  
Play ClipFeverEva CassidyZM009034:07Zoom  
Play ClipFields Of GoldEva Cassidy52595:02STTW compilation_icon.gif 
Play ClipFields Of GoldEva CassidyZM009015:02Zoom  
Play ClipFields Of GoldEva CassidySFM855025:08Sunfly  
Play ClipGod Bless The ChildEva CassidyZM016155:24Zoom  
Play ClipHallelujah, I Love Him SoEva CassidyZM016142:40Zoom  
Play ClipI Know You By HeartEva CassidyZM009054:09Zoom  
Play ClipI Wandered By A BrooksideEva CassidyZM009063:26Zoom  
Play ClipImagineEva CassidyZM009024:37Zoom  
Play ClipIt Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)Eva CassidyZM016182:38Zoom  
Play ClipKathy's SongEva CassidyZM008932:51Zoom  
Play ClipNatural WomanEva CassidyZM009103:55Zoom  
Play ClipOver The RainbowEva Cassidy46115:13STTW compilation_icon.gif 
Play ClipOver The RainbowEva CassidyZM008915:18Zoom  
Play ClipOver The RainbowEva CassidySFM810135:12Sunfly  
Play ClipPenny To My NameEva CassidyZM009083:51Zoom  
Play ClipPeople Get ReadyEva CassidyZM008993:31Zoom  
Play ClipSongbirdEva Cassidy80664:00STTW  
Play ClipSongbirdEva CassidyZM008923:51Zoom  
Play ClipSongbirdEva CassidySFM811144:02Sunfly  
Play ClipThe Water Is WideEva CassidyZM016134:31Zoom  
Play ClipTime After TimeEva CassidyZM009094:04Zoom  
Play ClipTime Is A HealerEva CassidyZM009114:32Zoom  
Play ClipTrue ColoursEva CassidyZM016125:04Zoom  
Play ClipWade In The WaterEva CassidyZM008944:11Zoom  
Play ClipWayfaring StrangerEva CassidyZM009044:38Zoom  
Play ClipWhat A Wonderful WorldEva CassidyZM008965:19Zoom  
Play ClipWho Knows Where The Time GoesEva CassidyZM009076:00Zoom  
Play ClipWonderful WorldEva Cassidy78654:35STTW  
Play ClipYesterdayEva CassidyZM016193:17Zoom  
Play ClipYou Take My Breath AwayEva CassidyZM016205:48Zoom  
Play ClipYou've ChangedEva CassidyZM016214:52Zoom  
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