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Custom Karaoke CDGs - This unique ‘Custom Disc’ facility allows you to create your own karaoke CD disc by choosing your own tracks from a huge database. You can put them in any order you like and add a personalised title.

Custom Discs are available in CDG format and tracks cost only £2.00 each. Once you've created your disc, just sit back and wait for us to send it to you. Custom Disc CDG's are sent by first class mail and usually arrive within 1 - 2 working days in the United Kingdom.

Please be aware that some tracks may contain offensive language

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ClipTrack NameArtistTrack IDLengthM'facturerSTTW Pack
Play ClipInvisibleD-SideSFH208014:01Sunfly  
Play ClipReal WorldD-SideSFH213134:53Sunfly  
Play ClipSpeechlessD-SideSFH205113:59Sunfly  
Play ClipSee The DayD.C. LeeSFM847104:57Sunfly  
Play ClipListen To Your HeartD.H.TYS13334:11STTW  
Play ClipHow ComeD12SFH221054:27Sunfly  
No clipMy BandD12ZM057673:30Zoom  
Play ClipMy BandD12SFH218015:21Sunfly  
Play ClipPurple HillsD12SFG32125:17Sunfly  
Play ClipPurple Pills (Radio Edit)D1240794:44STTW  
Play ClipMy BandD12 ft. Eminem52254:57STTW  
Play ClipShoot Me With Your LoveD:reamSFM817114:09Sunfly  
Play ClipThings Can Only Get BetterD:ream56594:16STTW compilation_icon.gif 
Play ClipThings Can Only Get BetterD:reamZM021854:29Zoom  
Play ClipThings Can Only Get BetterD:reamSFH006154:12Sunfly  
Play ClipYou're The Best ThingD:reamSFH026104:27Sunfly  
Play ClipBreakdawnDa La SoulSFDT31824:30Sunfly  
Play ClipDaddy DJDaddy DJYS12524:05STTW  
Play ClipOne More TimeDaft Punk34824:12STTW  
No clipOne More TimeDaft PunkZM059254:18Zoom  
Play ClipOne More TimeDaft PunkSFH174074:15Sunfly  
No clipGet LuckyDaft Punk feat Pharrell WilliamsZM046033:30Zoom  
No clipInstant CrushDaft Punk ft. Julian CasablancasSF11136906:02Sunfly  
Play ClipGet LuckyDaft Punk ft. Parrell Williams90834:22STTW  
No clipLose Yourself To DanceDaft Punk ft. Parrell WilliamsSF329016:26Sunfly  
Play ClipNumber One EnemyDaisy Dares You Feat. ChipmunkSFH290134:03Sunfly  
Play ClipAfter The Love Has GoneDamageSFH187134:54Sunfly  
Play ClipForeverDamageSFM850134:45Sunfly  
Play ClipSo What If IDamageSFH181153:34Sunfly  
Play Clip9 CrimesDamien RiceSFH250183:54Sunfly  
Play ClipCannonballDamien Rice54485:24STTW compilation_icon.gif 
Play ClipCannonballDamien Rice53003:30STTW  
No clipCannonballDamien RiceZM037493:30Zoom  
No clipThe Blower's DaughterDamien RiceZM049495:07Zoom  
Play ClipThe Blower's DaughterDamien RiceSFM860065:11Sunfly  
Play ClipHigh EnoughDamn YankeesSFDT25094:35Sunfly  
Play ClipWhatever Lola WantsDamn YankeesSFDT15982:54Sunfly  
Play ClipEloiseDamned, TheZM025105:17Zoom  
Play ClipEloiseDamned, TheSFH056035:02Sunfly  
Play ClipEloiseDamned, The92965:43STTW  
Play ClipLove SongDamned, TheSFH109092:21Sunfly  
Play ClipNew RoseDamned, TheSFM847023:06Sunfly  
Play ClipShadow Of LoveDamned, TheSFMW909044:10Sunfly  
Play ClipInstant ReplayDan Hartman72263:48STTW  
Play ClipRelight My FireDan HartmanSFM830134:03Sunfly  
Play ClipSometimes When We TouchDan Hill42794:17STTW compilation_icon.gif 
No clipSometimes When We TouchDan HillZM063813:30Zoom  
Play ClipGod Must Be A CowboyDan Seals93163:22STTW  
Play ClipAll Kinds Of EverythingDanaZM004933:12Zoom  
Play ClipAll Kinds Of EverythingDanaSFMW898103:22Sunfly  
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