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Custom Karaoke CDGs - This unique ‘Custom Disc’ facility allows you to create your own karaoke CD disc by choosing your own tracks from a huge database. You can put them in any order you like and add a personalised title.

Custom Discs are available in CDG format and tracks cost only £2.00 each. Once you've created your disc, just sit back and wait for us to send it to you. Custom Disc CDG's are sent by first class mail and usually arrive within 1 - 2 working days in the United Kingdom.

Please be aware that some tracks may contain offensive language

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ClipTrack NameArtistTrack IDLengthM'facturerSTTW Pack
No clipCruella De Vil101 DalmatiansZM061671:23Zoom  
Play ClipDon't Turn Me Away10ccSFDT25795:40Sunfly  
Play ClipDonna10ccZM025623:10Zoom  
Play ClipDonna10ccSFH090153:08Sunfly  
Play ClipDreadlock Holiday10cc86384:59STTW  
Play ClipDreadlock Holiday10ccZM008265:11Zoom  
Play ClipDreadlock Holiday10ccSFHOT04124:41Sunfly  
Play ClipFeel The Love10ccSFDT25804:46Sunfly  
Play ClipFood For Thought10ccSFDT25814:01Sunfly  
Play ClipGood Morning Judge10ccSFDT25823:09Sunfly  
Play ClipI'm Mandy10ccSFH079035:08Sunfly  
No clipI'm Mandy, Fly Me10ccZM062004:57Zoom  
Play ClipI'm Not In Love10cc87726:25STTW  
Play ClipI'm Not In Love10cc23185:18STTW  
Play ClipI'm Not In Love10ccZM005395:14Zoom  
Play ClipI'm Not In Love10ccSFH001095:10Sunfly  
Play ClipLife Is A Minestrone10ccSFDT25835:02Sunfly  
Play ClipOne Two Five10ccSFDT25844:22Sunfly  
Play ClipPeople In Love10ccSFDT25854:01Sunfly  
Play ClipRubber Bullets10cc24324:45STTW  
Play ClipRubber Bullets10ccZM022985:02Zoom  
Play ClipRubber Bullets10ccSFH071015:08Sunfly  
Play ClipSilly Love10ccSFDT25864:14Sunfly  
No clipThe Things We Do For Love10ccZM025533:30Zoom  
Play ClipThe Things We Do For Love10ccSFM832113:47Sunfly  
Play ClipWall Street Shuffle10ccSFM814013:57Sunfly  
Play ClipWoman In Love10ccSFDT25876:16Sunfly  
Play ClipSimon Says1910 Fruitgum Co56672:33STTW compilation_icon.gif 
Play ClipSimon Says1910 Fruitgum CoSFH028102:36Sunfly  
No clipSimon Says1910 Fruitgum CompanyZM034573:30Zoom  
No clipChocolate1975, TheZM048823:53Zoom  
No clipChocolate1975, TheSF326134:02Sunfly  
No clipLove Me1975, TheSF358133:59Sunfly  
No clipRobbers1975, TheSF341124:31Sunfly  
No clipSex1975, TheZM049233:31Zoom  
No clipThe City1975, TheZM049313:30Zoom  
No clipThe City1975, TheSF329164:01Sunfly  
No clipThe Sound1975, TheSF361084:28Sunfly  
No clipUGH1975, TheSF360093:18Sunfly  
Play ClipLift It High (All About Belief)1999 Man United SquadSFH140164:15Sunfly  
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