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Custom Karaoke CDGs - This unique ‘Custom Disc’ facility allows you to create your own karaoke CD disc by choosing your own tracks from a huge database. You can put them in any order you like and add a personalised title.

Custom Discs are available in CDG format and tracks cost only £2.00 each. Once you've created your disc, just sit back and wait for us to send it to you. Custom Disc CDG's are sent by first class mail and usually arrive within 1 - 2 working days in the United Kingdom.

Please be aware that some tracks may contain offensive language

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ClipTrack NameArtistTrack IDLengthM'facturerSTTW Pack
No clipPop MuzikMZM067963:30Zoom  
Play ClipPop MuzikMSFM828103:42Sunfly  
Play ClipPop MuzikMYS14493:46STTW  
Play ClipAngel StreetM People31114:16STTW  
Play ClipAngel StreetM PeopleSFH120165:47Sunfly  
Play ClipDon't Look Any FurtherM PeopleSFH026053:26Sunfly  
Play ClipDreamingM People32334:08STTW  
Play ClipDreamingM PeopleSFH134024:22Sunfly  
Play ClipItchycoo ParkM PeopleSFH034074:08Sunfly  
Play ClipJust For YouM People30764:11STTW  
Play ClipMoving On UpM People20043:38STTW  
Play ClipMoving On UpM PeopleZM037473:42Zoom  
Play ClipMoving On UpM PeopleSFG31033:31Sunfly  
Play ClipOne Night In HeavenM PeopleZM039123:38Zoom  
Play ClipOne Night In HeavenM PeopleSFH036126:29Sunfly  
Play ClipSearch For The HeroM People56564:21STTW compilation_icon.gif 
Play ClipSearch For The HeroM People30124:11STTW  
Play ClipSearch For The HeroM PeopleSFH027116:27Sunfly  
Play ClipSight For Sore EyesM People20054:11STTW  
Play ClipSight For Sore EyesM PeopleSFH020146:36Sunfly  
Play ClipTestifyM People32014:11STTW  
Play ClipTestifyM PeopleSFH127074:13Sunfly  
Play ClipBad Girls (Clean)M.I.ASFDT27844:22Sunfly  
Play ClipBad Girls (Explicit)M.I.ASFDT27854:22Sunfly  
No clipPaper PlanesM.I.AZM050863:32Zoom  
Play ClipPaper PlanesM.I.ASFH273123:44Sunfly  
Play ClipSugar Candy KissesMac & Katie KissoonSFMW883033:41Sunfly  
Play ClipRoses Are RedMac BandSFH068085:17Sunfly  
Play ClipToothpaste KissesMaccabeesSFH264102:59Sunfly  
No clipDowntownMacklemore & Ryan LewisZM065465:10Zoom  
No clipDowntownMacklemore & Ryan LewisSF356055:11Sunfly  
No clipCan't Hold UsMacklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Ray DaltonSF327064:44Sunfly  
No clipWhite WallsMacklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Schoolboy Q and HollisSF337176:07Sunfly  
Play ClipThrift ShopMacklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. WanzSFDT31924:11Sunfly  
Play ClipThrift Shop (Explicit)Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. WanzSFDT31954:11Sunfly  
No clipSame LoveMacklemore & Ryan Lewis, feat: Mary LambertZM049705:31Zoom  
No clipCan't Hold UsMacklemore And Ryan LewisZM046773:30Zoom  
No clipThrift ShopMacklemore feat. Ryan Lewis And WanzZM044933:30Zoom  
No clipGloriousMacklemore Feat. Skylar GreySF11190953:30Sunfly  
Play ClipDo SomethingMacy Gray29394:38STTW  
Play ClipDo SomethingMacy GraySFH157115:17Sunfly  
Play ClipI TryMacy Gray33203:59STTW  
No clipI TryMacy GrayZM047593:30Zoom  
Play ClipI TryMacy GraySFH152054:09Sunfly  
Play ClipSexual RevolutionMacy GraySFH186025:10Sunfly  
Play ClipStillMacy Gray33584:22STTW  
Play ClipStillMacy GraySFH159054:24Sunfly  
Play ClipSweet BabyMacy GraySFH183033:51Sunfly  
Play ClipWhen I See YouMacy GraySFH205153:59Sunfly  
Play ClipWhy Didn't You Call MeMacy Gray34233:18STTW  
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