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The Best Christmas Karaoke Songs

Updated: November 30, 2021

Here we go. The Bublé has been thawed. Your neighbours have got their tree up. It's time to start shopping for karaoke gifts, and prepare the Christmas karaoke songs ready for your festive party.

Join us as we unwrap the jolliest Christmas songs in our database, and create the ultimate holiday set list. If you're planning to host a karaoke party this Christmas (or New Year's Eve party), we've got all the tracks you need. We guarantee your party will be a hit and will entertain your family and friends for hours.

Top 10 Christmas karaoke songs

As the big day draws nearer, we look at the most popular Christmas karaoke songs available on Sing to the World. Whether you’re rockin’ the mic at your office Christmas party, or out in the cold carolling. This list is guaranteed to get you into the spirit of the season.


At #10

Driving Home for Christmas
Made famous by Chris Rea

Custom Disc - Download - Stream


At #9

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
A Christmas Classic

Custom Disc - Download - Stream


At #8

Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree
Made famous by Brenda Lee

Custom Disc - Download - Stream


At #7

Santa Baby
Made famous by Eartha Kitt

Custom Disc - Download - Stream


At #6

White Christmas
Made famous by Bing Crosby

Custom Disc - Download - Stream


At #5

Merry Christmas Everyone
Made famous by Shakin' Stevens

Custom Disc - Download - Stream


At #4

Fairytale Of New York
Made famous by The & Kirsty MacColl Pogues

Custom Disc - Download - Stream


At #3

Do They Know It's Christmas
Made famous by Band Aid

Custom Disc - Download - Stream


At #2

Last Christmas
Made famous by Wham

Custom Disc - Download - Stream


At #1

All I Want For Christmas Is You
Made famous by Mariah Carey

Custom Disc - Download

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