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Phonic K12 Plus PowerPod Mixer/Amp

Phonic K12 Plus PowerPod Mixer/Amp
# 2 x 500 Watt / 4Ω power amplifier, bridgeable and patchable # Dual effect processors, each with 16 effects plus parameter control # 8 Mic/Line input channels and 2 stereo Line input channels

The Phonic Powerpod K-12 Powered Mixer features a grand total of 12 input channels - each featuring 3-band, mid-adjustable EQ, gain control, and more -as well as a built-in power amplifier outputting up to a staggering 1000 Watts (2 x 500 Watts) of shear power, switchable between 200 or 600 Watts, depending on your needs. Encompassing 2 built-in digital effect processors, each featuring 16 mind-blowing effects, the K-12 also features a light-weight construction, with the switch from traditional, heavier Transformers. Moreover, it features a protective cover - protecting the surface from damage, dust and normal wear and tear sustained during transit. Perfect for use in clubs, houses of worship, function halls, bars, and other settings requiring a moderately sized, highly portable powered mixer.

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Key Features

* 500W + 500W / 4 ohms stereo power amplifier (bridgeable and patchable) * 8 Mic/Line input channels with 3-band swept mid-range EQ and inserts * 2 stereo Line input channels with 3-band EQ * 2 stereo returns, each can be routed to AUX 1 & 2 sends (effect to monitor) * Stereo 7-band graphic EQ * Dual 32/40-bit digital effect processors, each with 16 effects plus parameter control * Foot switch allows user to on/mute effect processor * 2 AUX sends, 2 EFX sends * Global +48V phantom power for mic inputs * Mono output with variable low pass filter from 60 Hz up to 160 Hz * PFL on each input and AFL on each output * Stand-by switch for playing music between sets * Zone 2 output for side fill or another PA system * Headphone output * One professional speaker connector and two 1/4" phone jacks per channel for speaker connection * Molded protective cover to avoid scratch surface * Rugged metal main chassis with integrated handle * Optional rack mounting kit, model name ER-K12
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